Please see the following important information as shared at our September 2017-2018 Meet the Teacher evening. The following topics will help to make this a smooth and successful school year, for both students and parents. 

  • Elementary Parent Handbooks: Homeroom teachers will be distributing a copy of the Elementary Parent Handbook for all parents to read and be knowledgeable of the school's policies and expectations. 
  • Late Arrivals:  Middle and High School students who arrive late to school will be required to obtain a late pass from the main office before they will be allowed entry into their classroom. 
  • Attendance: Please notify the main office and homeroom teachers of absences due to illness first thing in the morning.
    • Travel: Students missing school due to travel must submit an Excused Absence Request Form to the office for attendance purposes.
    • After 4:30 PM: Students who wish to remain on school grounds after 4:30 PM  must submit a Request to Remain on Property After School form for approval. 
    • Forms are available on the website under the Resources tab. 
  • Parking: Please do NOT block the road or business entrances on Washington Street when dropping off or collecting students from the school premises. The Administration would appreciate that everyone is considerate to other vehicles and businesses. 


  • Comings & Goings:  If you are not receiving the weekly emails, please contact the main office to advise of your preferred working email address. The office is using the email addresses that were provided on the returned Student Registration Forms that went home during the first week of school. All electronic notices are sent via SMORE and can also be viewed from the MSA website. 
  • MSA Info:  This flyer is used to send important information to parents in addition to the weekly Comings & Goings. 
  • MSA Short Notes: These flyers are sent whenever there is an emergent announcement, for example, a school closure due to a storm/hurricane. If you see this email subject arrive in your inbox, you will know that it is important, timely information that should not be ignored. 
  • MSA Website:  We hope you like our new website design. Please check here often for important upcoming dates, such as events and uniform shop hours, etc. 
  • Maplewood: Parents of Middle and High School students who have never logged into the Maplewood ConnectED software can contact the main office for their username and passwords.  Elementary parents will receive their login information in the first few weeks of school. All students in a family can be accessed from one account login.

Please Note

  • Curriculum:  For more information on the Alberta curriculum, please visit the Alberta Education website - 
  • Duke of Edinburgh:  Anyone interested in getting more information on the D of E program offered to students in Grades 9-12, please contact Mrs. Charlene White. 
  • Uniform Policy:  Thank you to parents and students for cooperating with the school's uniform policy. We are still having minor issues and these are being dealt with on an individual basis. If students are found to be in violation of the policy, they are referred to the Principals. 
  • Healthy Schools: In keeping with the Bermuda Government's Healthy Schools Policy and supported by the Alberta Education, MSA is continuing to ensure that we are maintaining the standards of being a healthy school community. We encourage all families to pack healthy snacks and lunches. Teachers are asked to give non-food-based items for classroom rewards. For children's birthdays, we are requesting that is parents wish to send in treats they be healthy treats that the children may enjoy at recess. We will no longer permit high sugary treats for birthday celebrations. Suggested food treats include fruit, veggies, popcorn, etc. Non-food treat suggestions include assorted school supplies. This has become a common practice in many schools and parents have developed some great ideas - we encourage you to reference Pinterest for ideas!