On Wednesday, if you attend Mass to begin the holy season of Lent, you will hear the words: “Turn from your sins and be faithful to the Gospel.”

Has there ever been a more important time in history to take these six weeks to heart than now when we seem to have entered a Post Christian era? Morally speaking one feels that paganism is all around us. An "anything goes" attitude has become somewhat the norm in our families, on our island and in this world of the twenty-first century. If it feels good, do it with no concern whether it is right or wrong. This season of Lent is set aside by the Church for us to do some spiritual stock taking and to enter more fully into the mystery of Christ’s sufferings, death, and resurrection.

For this reason, we invite you to do something special, personally and as a family. Let us pray for each other, our diocese and the world. Lenten blessings be yours!

Quiet Wednesdays: With the exception of Ash Wednesday we will have recitation of the Rosary each Wednesday at 10:30 AM .

Lenten Program: During the Wednesdays of Lent beginning on February 21 we will have soup and rolls available from 12 noon and a DVD presentation by Bp. Robert Baron entitled “Untold Blessing – Three Paths to Holiness” which will begin at 12:45 PM, with prayer and discussion, ending at 2 PM. The program will be repeated in the evening with soup and rolls available at 5:30 PM and the DVD, prayer, and discussion beginning at 6 PM.

Lenten Retreat Days at Caritas
Sunday, March 11th: 11AM—4 PM
Saturday, March 24th: 11AM—4PM
Theme: “Come Back to Me with All Your Heart”
- The days will be the same but is offered twice to give more people the opportunity to spend a day in reflection during this Holy Season.

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Caritas House of  Prayer

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