The Home & School Association is a member based group designed to facilitate collaboration between the ‘home’ and the ‘school’ families for the betterment of the young people who attend MSA.  This is achieved through various social and fundraising events.   The Association is also a forum for communication and the dissemination of information between the parents, school, and the Board of Governors.   In addition to having four representatives that sit on the School’s Board of Governors, each homeroom class from Kindergarten to Grade 12 has been assigned a parent representative who’s responsibility it is to act as a conduit between the parents, Home & School Association and the MSA itself. 

The Association is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who devote countless hours to strategize and implement the activities.  Becoming involved is a great way to get to know the School even better, meet other families, get to know MSA’s Faculty & Staff and contribute to the well-being of our students.  It’s Executive Officers and Committee Members include:

Home & School Association Committee

Trinette Weikl President  
Jennifer Lopes Vice President  
Iris Cundliffe Treasurer  
Nicola MacDougall Secretary  
Committee Reps    
Kim Hines Bazaar Committee Representative  
Tommy Sinclair Sports Committee  
Faculty Reps    
Karen Camara Elementary School Teacher Representative  
 Kim Raymond Middle School Teacher Representative  
 Josh Hart High School Teacher Representative  
Sue Moench  Principal  
 Margaret DiGiacomo  Assistant Principal  
Parent Reps    
Kellie Barbosa    
Troylene Commissiong    
Jennifer Lopes    
Nicola MacDougall    
Kristin Chow    
Chrislyn Dill    
Katrina Smith    


MSA is thankful for the many programs/initiatives/items that have been funded by donations from the Home & School Association, including: 

  • Dare to Care – Anti Bullying Program
  • Kindergarten School Hats
  • Smart Boards
  • Student Lockers
  • Graduation Caps & Robes
  • Teacher appreciation breakfasts

 Over the years, donations stemming from funds raised by the Annual Bazaar include:

  • $250,000 pledge to the Capital Campaign
  • Repayments on the debt for Woodmont property
  • Installation of fire doors to bring the whole system up to code
  • Replace all ceiling fans in the school
  • Purchase 2 heart defibrillator machines
  • Purchase 2 mobile science lab tables
  • Various projects around the School property