Benefits Of A Catholic Education At MSA

MSA is a Catholic school, the only one in Bermuda that provides world-class education through Catholic values.

“Selecting a school for children is a major decision for parents. The faith foundation, values, attitudes, knowledge and skills acquired through a Catholic education impact young people for a lifetime. Our Catholic school in Bermuda is dedicated to providing children with the right foundation for the future, one centered on the development of spiritual and moral values.”

There are many reasons why parents choose to give their children a Catholic education and it just isn’t that they want them brought up in a religious environment. No matter what religion they are based upon, schools which have a more Christian focus instill in students a sense of ethics, morals, and patience towards mankind.

What are the benefits of a Catholic education at MSA?

  • We work to have our students live a faith-filled life and to treat each other according to the teachings of the Gospel.
  • Our school has a focus on the needs of the child as an individual.
  • At MSA, family is our foundation. No matter how difficult life gets and whatever challenges our students experience, we build an environment that is caring and supportive and one that won’t leave anyone behind.
  • RESPECT is a key value – we respect our faith and what our school represents in our community. More importantly, we respect ourselves and each other. We are ALL God’s children. Accepting each other no matter what our differences gives the MSA community a reputation for tolerance and understanding for all.
  • There is a focus on high standards, strong motivation and the effective discipline in a caring atmosphere, which emphasizes excellence and high quality student performance.

While priority is given to children whose family is practicing Catholics, MSA is open to young people of all denominations. We are proud of our reputation and tradition of providing excellence in Catholic Education and invite prospective parents and members of the community to visit our school and see for yourselves how children enjoy the benefits of experiencing a Catholic education.