College & Career Counselling

As our students enter High School, they will work with the Guidance and Career Counselor to build a 4-year career plan that will provide the foundation of course choice. Developing their 4-year plan is a critical component to each student’s High School journey. After identifying the career path(s) they are interested in pursuing, students will have the support of the Guidance and Career Counselor to ensure their course selection is appropriate for post-secondary institution acceptance. It will also allow them to identify, where appropriate, suitable ‘work study’ opportunities where they can get additional exposure and hands-on experience within their chosen career path. The 4-year plan is reviewed and modified annually with the student, the parent, and the Guidance and Career Counselor. This allows the student to refine their academic plans as they develop their future academic and career plans. This also provides our students with a feeling that they are involved and in some way, in charge of their academic life.