MSA is open to young people of all denominations, although priority is given to children whose family members are practicing Catholics. Admittance is based on availability of space within any given grade level and more importantly on our school's professional assessment of whether or not the student and his/her family will be able to benefit from the Mount Saint Agnes Academy ideology and curriculum. The School offers a strong learning support program for students with occasional or mild learning difficulty; however, it cannot guarantee the provision of support facilities for those with severe learning or behavioral challenges.

New student placement at Mount Saint Agnes Academy is based on the following criteria (in order of priority):

  1. Sibling currently attending at the date of applicant's intended start date
  2. Children of Alumni who are practicing their Roman Catholic Faith
  3. Practicing Roman Catholics
  4. Children of Alumni
  5. Children who have a relative (other than a parent or a sibling) who is associated with Mount Saint Agnes Academy
  6. Others, in order of receipt of application

The Admissions Committee, in seeking to administer this policy fairly, reserves the right, on behalf of the Board of Governors, to take into account such other factors as may from time to time be, in the School's judgment, in the interests of individual applicants, of the School and of the community.

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