Non-uniform (St. John Ambulance)

Friday March 20th 2020 at

H&S White Elephant Sale

Thursday March 19th 2020 at MSA Auditorium

Come enjoy some shopping or be part of the sale by purchasing your own table.  Readmore

Spring Break (March 30 - April 13)

Monday March 30th 2020 at

Mass & Lunch for 130th Birthday

Monday March 02nd 2020 at

We are calling all Parents, Alumni, and Supporters to come and celebrate our Birthday with us on Tuesday, March 2nd. We will start the day with a Mass at 12:10 at St. Theresa's. After this we will head over to the school for lunch and more festivitie... Readmore

St. Baldricks Head Shave - March 16

Sunday March 15th 2020 at MSA Auditorium

Our annual St. Baldricks Head Shave will take place in the Auditorium on March 16th. To make a donation please go to  St. Baldricks MSA   Readmore