Dear MSA Alumni:

As you may know, a former MSA student, Christine DaCosta, recently spearheaded a significant
revision of Bermuda’s legislation raising the age from 16 to 18 years, for criminal protection from attempted
sexual abuse while in the protection of a trusted person. Previously, any sexual offenses,
including attempts at luring a child into a sexual situation, by a person in a position of trust
meant that legal recourse for such abuse ended at the age of 16. This remarkable achievement is the
result of Christine’s determination to strengthen our system of laws for the protection of
Bermuda’s most vulnerable.
Christine, who has given us permission to publicly discuss this issue, came to us in 2018 with a
story of her own exploitation twenty years ago as a teenager and student at MSA, by a teacher who
worked here at the time. She requested an investigation into the matter which MSA conducted with
the help of independent counsel. We were able to confirm that the teacher in question was forced
to resign from MSA in 1999 when the allegations came to light and the individuals interviewed did
not have prior knowledge of the inappropriate behavior. This investigation focused on Christine’s
incident and known witnesses because, at the time, MSA believed that a broad investigation would
impinge on the jurisdiction of the Bermuda Police Service.
After this investigation, Christine continued to appeal to the school for a broader investigation
as part of her drive to educate the school and community about how best to handle these types of
situations for all parties concerned. Through continued discussion, including with the Bermuda
Police Service, we now agree it is important to invite any and all persons with knowledge of
inappropriate behaviour in connection with MSA to come forward through a confidential means. We
sincerely want to know if there are any other incidents that MSA needs to address and to be given
the opportunity to fulfill our moral obligation to assist victims where possible and apologize to
Christine for not working more collaboratively with her to come to this decision earlier.
The Board and leadership at MSA have retained the services of T&M Protection Resources, a highly
regarded global security and investigation firm. Its team of former sex crimes prosecutors have
worked with academic institutions across North America and possess in-depth knowledge of schools
and their communities. We are working with T&M because we want to ensure that the investigation is
handled professionally and confidentially. The privacy of anyone who comes forward will be
protected as much as possible and to the extent it is legally permitted.
We are inviting anyone with information about, or experiences of, such
abuse to contact them. The lead investigators at T&M are Julie Freudenheim, Managing Director,
Sexual Misconduct Consulting &Investigations and Laura Kirschstein, Vice President, Sexual Misconduct Consulting &
Investigations. They have provided a dedicated phone number - (646) 445-7645 and email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for anyone who believes they have information to share.

If there are other victims who have not felt safe to come forward, we want to provide a pathway to
them. Abuse of any kind, no matter when it occurred, should not be tolerated, and it is crucial
that MSA strives to create a better, safer, more enlightened future. With a clear sense of our
core values of trust and integrity, we will pursue the truth – wherever that may lead – and will
support our alumni who may have been impacted.
Over the past 20 years, society has become far more aware of the dangers to our children which has
provoked positive change in the protocols of all organisations working with young people. Student
safety is an absolute priority at MSA and we continuously improve our processes through training,
vigilance in identifying risks, due diligence in hiring, refinement of on-campus safety standards,
and cultivation of integrity, respect and trust in all we do.

We appreciate your support as we take this important step in meeting the above objectives and will
provide an update at the conclusion of the investigation.
Sue Moench