High School

High School (Grade 9 – 12)

Grade 9 is the last year of the Alberta Education Junior High Curriculum. At MSA, we timetable grade 9 as part of the high school program even though the students are taught the junior high program.

We believe that students should be encouraged and motivated: to view learning as a lifelong and exciting process, to be equipped to meet the future educational challenges they will face, to make a living for themselves and to make a difference to others. A dedicated, talented and caring teacher team understands and supports the development and growth that our students are experiencing physically, socially, emotionally, and academically.

Our high school program prepared students for success in post-secondary education and life as an adult. The rigorous curriculum offers opportunities to explore subjects in depth in preparation for success in universities/colleges and the world of work. A strong emphasis is placed on critical thinking and developing the ability to appropriately question established norms while developing and questioning our own positions as well.

As each student enters grade 9, they will prepare, along with the assistance of parents and the school’s guidance counselor, their Four Year Education Plan. This plan is developed based on the student’s interests and aptitudes. The plan will define for the students the types of courses and their path as they process through their four years of high school.

MSA is proud to offer the Alberta High School Diploma program for students in grades 10 – 12. High standards are expected of all graduating students and the curriculum requires students to develop higher order thinking and learning skills. Upon the completion of grade 12 courses, students will be required to write Alberta Diploma Examinations in English Language Arts, Math, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), and Social Studies. These exams will be set at specific times and forwarded to Alberta for grading.

For information on the Alberta Education Program—review information specific to Grade 9 – 12:

High School


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