Learning Support

We recognize that all students learn differently and that we must provide support for students at all stages of their education who may be struggling academically. At MSA, we provide an opportunity for students to be assessed to determine their learning needs.

If we feel their learning needs are greater than what we can determine, we will recommend students receive a more detailed Pyschoeducational assessment through the Reading Clinic or Psychologist.

Once it is determine what the learning needs of the student are, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is prepared and communicated with parents and teachers. The IEP is a tool that makes suggestions on what parents and teachers can be doing to assist the students in being aware of how they learn and what they should be doing to achieve success.

Where necessary, students are referred to the Learning Support Teacher to receive additional support and tutoring. As students with IEPs move from Elementary into Middle School, a Learning Support teacher will work with the teachers to monitor and support the students as needed.

Once in High School, the course choices are designed to meet the needs of all ability levels and are very much geared toward future goals and employment. In addition, work experience is sometimes available and often beneficial.